How to Prevent Hair Damage from Coloring

When you have come to a point in your life that you want to experiment and add color to your hair like adding color to your changing life it’s best to read on because frequent hair coloring can damage hair and leave it dry and frizzy. But if you still want to continue though then a good conditioning treatment is needed while it serves as a protection to hair cuticles to get the result you’ve been meaning to have. Coloring hair, after all, gives you a fresh new look.

No wonder celebrities and fashionistas nowadays love to play and color their hair but remember that coloring or dyeing is one of the many factors that can damage hair permanently as it weakens the hair strands that’s why a proper knowledge of hair coloring is a must to avoid the problem.

How to Prevent Hair Damage From Coloring

Going to a beauty parlor can cost you big chunks of money but choosing to do your own hair color will save you all the pennies you have but remember that you need to be knowledgeable about hair coloring and ways to save hair in case of damage before you decide to make it on your own.

  1. Semi-permanent lasts for about 10 shampoos while demi-permanent hair color washes away after 25 shampoos. Choose which one you prefer but take note that longer hair color has a greater tendency of damaging your hair. If you have a lot of gray hair then choose a permanent dye.
  2. Make a strand test to make sure you like the color because if not, you will end up changing colors in a short manner of time plus it gives you time to check whether you are allergic to the brand or not.
  3. After preparing all the necessary things you need for hair coloring like comb, gloves, plastic trash bag for dripping make sure to understand and read the instructions to avoid making a mistake.
  4. Use petroleum jelly or vaseline and apply it at the base of your hairline, under your ears and neckline to avoid color stain.
  5. When applying, separate hair from a few sections so you can color your hair evenly.

Tips to Prevent Hair Damage

Now that you have decided to color your hair make sure to remember some of the tips to avoid hair damage and dry hair before you can achieve that fabulous and celebrity-like-hairstyle.

Opt for darker shade

Do not put too much color in your hair since one shade is already enough. You just need to look for the color that suits you best. Adding more leaves hair damaged resulting to breakage and split ends.

Leave for 30 minutes

When coloring your hair stick with a 30-minute rule because more than the allotted time that causes itching and burning.

Let your hair rest for 6-8 weeks

Like humans do, hairs also needs time to rest. If you want to color it again because it grows fast, opt for root color treatment.

Use organic hair coloring products

If you are going to dye at home using organic hair products that are less damaging but if you have the extra money for more professional application go to a salon that’s using the same products as well. Using this brand will not only give you an amazing outcome but you are helping the environment as well.

Conditioning Treatment

A deep-conditioning treatment for about 5-10 minutes at least once a week will do a lot of good for your tresses. Hair also needs hydration like humans do.

Use Shampoo and Conditioner for Color-treated Hair

Another product to consider is a shampoo and conditioner that’s intended for colored-treated hair because it gives you the necessary ingredient that’s good for you locks. Stay beautiful humans!

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